Interactive Electrode localization Utility

pip install ielu==0.2.5


Interactive Electrode Localization Utility (ielu)

This is a GUI utility to assist in preprocessing tasks for electrocorticography (ecog) and stereo eeg (seeg) data analysis. It includes:

  1. CT-to-MRI co-registration using Mutual Information (via Freesurfer)
  2. Automatic electrode extraction and sorting into grids via pre-defined grid geometries
  3. A GUI for manually tweaking electrode locations and grid information
  4. Snapping electrode locations to a freesurfer cortical surface model
  5. Exporting to montage files suitable for use in MNE-python


  • A scientific python distribution such as anaconda or canopy
  • pysurfer
  • nibabel
  • mne-python
  • pymcubes

Note - you can easily install these dependencies with tools such as pip and easy-install.

Quick start

Simply clone this repository, then evoke the run script in the main folder. e.g., cd gselu; ./run

More info

For more information about this package and how it works, see the wiki.