iPhone video encoding tools.

pip install iencode-ng==0.9.5


iencode-ng is the evolution of iencode , a set of scripts to ease encoding of movies and series for iPhone/iPod Touch.

This software require HandbrakeCLI 0.9.4 in your PATH

To install

You can easily install iencode-ng via easy_install

easy_install iencode-ng

You may need to use sudo, depending on your setup:

sudo easy_install iencode-ng

If you wish to install the latest (non-stable) development version from source, download the latest version of the code, either from or by running:

git clone git://

..then cd into the directory, and run:

sudo rake install

Basic usage

From the command line, simply run:

iencode the.file.mkv

For example:

$ iencode Chuck.3x03.mkv
Encoding file Chuck.3x03.mkv
Encoding: task 1 of 1, 0.58 %
Muxing: this may take awhile...
Processing is done

Command line arguments

There are various flags you can use with iencode, run..

iencode --help see them, and a short description of each.

-h, --help show help message and exit

-d, --debug show all debugging info

-v, --verbose will provide some feedback [default]

-q, --quiet for ninja-like processing

-f, --force overwrite existing target movie file

-t, --tvtags tag file.mp4 after conversion with tvtags (required)

-m, --movietags tag file.mp4 after conversion with movietags (required)

-n, --renaming enable cleaning name for tvtags & movietags

-i, --itunes Automatically add to iTunes

-T, --test test mode, only encode 30 first seconds

--version show version information for iencode