A Web scraper for www.InfoQ.com

pip install infoqscraper==0.1.5


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A Web scraper for InfoQ.

InfoQ hosts a lot of great presentations, unfortunately it is not possible to watch them outside of the browser or if you do not have Flash installed. The video cannot simply be downloaded because the audio stream and the slide stream are not in the same media. By downloading the video you only get the audio track and a video of the presenter but you don't get the slides which are the meat of a presentation.

infoqscraper allows you to:

  • list and search for presentations
  • download and create a movie including the slides, the audio track and optionally a thumbnail of the presenter

Infoqscraper is compatible with Python 2 (>= 2.6) and Python 3. It has a few third party dependencies, ffmpeg & swftool, and has been reported to work fine on various Linux distro and Mac OS X.

See the Wiki to learn how to install and use Infoqscraper.


You can contact me if you have any question or feature request.

If you find this project useful, any feedback, technical or non technical contribution is welcome !