A command-line tool to extract, normalize, and JSONify values from an iniherit-enabled "INI" file.

ini, configuration, value, extract, inherit
pip install iniget==0.1.0



A command-line tool to extract, normalize, and JSONify values from an iniherit -enabled "INI" file.


$ pip install iniget


Given the following two files, base.ini:

foo = bar

and config.ini:

%inherit = base.ini

The following will extract the inherited foo value:

$ iniget config.ini sect1 foo

Much more is possible, including:

  • listing sections
  • listing options
  • JSON-encoding the configuration
  • JSON-interpreting option values
  • Control case-sensitivity, interpolation, and default values


  • -s SECTION, --section SECTION

    Specify additional sections to extract from; can be specified multiple times to add multiple sections.

  • -C, --no-case

    Handle option names case insensitively.

  • -I, --no-inherit

    Disable processing of "%inherit" directives.

  • -E, --no-expansion

    Disable ConfigParser option expansion ("interpolation").

  • -F, --no-fallback

    Disables falling back to the raw option value when an option value cannot be interpolated (this generally happens when it is incorrectly formatted or it references undefined substitutions), and causes an exception to be thrown.

  • -K, --list-options

    List the option names only, not the values.

  • -S, --list-sections

    List the section names only.

  • -J, --json-parse

    If option values are JSON-parseable, parse as such; additionally, the following are interpreted as boolean values: 'yes', 'true', 'on', 'off', 'no', 'false'.

  • -j, --json-output

    Render the output using JSON syntax.

  • -d JSON, --defaults JSON

    Set the ConfigParser default values from this JSON-parsed dictionary.

  • -r, --raw

    Don't do anything fancy: show exactly what ConfigParser interprets (requires exactly one section and one option); note that options "--no-case", "--no-inherit", "--no-expansion" and "--defaults" are still honored, but "--json-parse" is not.