Python implemetation of the interval tree

interval, tree
pip install interval_tree==0.3.4


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Interval Tree

Just a python implementation of interval tree.


An interval tree is a data structure that is built of intervals with id:s. One can query the interval tree with an interval and get the ids of the overlapping intervals.


An interval tree is created from a list of lists and the start and stop of the interval tree. The sublist looks like [<interval_start>, <interval_stop>, <interval_id>]. Start is the lower bound of the intervals and stop is the upper bound.

The interval trees is then queried with a list that represents an interval and returns the ids of the overlapping intervals.

from interval_tree import IntervalTree
features = [
my_tree = IntervalTree(features, 1, 1000000)

print('Ranges between 0 and 10: %s' % my_tree.find_range([0, 10]))
>Ranges between 0 and 10: []

print('Ranges between 0 and 20: %s' % my_tree.find_range([0, 20]))
>Ranges between 0 and 10: ['id01]

print('Ranges between 200 and 1200: %s' % my_tree.find_range([200, 1200]))
>Ranges between 200 and 1200: ['id01', 'id02', 'id03']

print('Range in only position 90000: %s'  % my_tree.find_range([900000, 900000]))
>Range in only position 90000: ['id04']

print('Range in only position 300: %s'  % my_tree.find_range([300, 300]))
>Range in only position 300: ['id01', 'id02']