FreeIPA password expriation and locked user notifier

pip install ipa-notify==0.3.13


FreeIPA Notification

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Notify IPA Users for password expiration and locked users to admin

Required packages:

  • krb5-devel
  • python3-pip
  • python3-virtualenv (Optional)
  1. Create a new role for notifier

    ipa role-add --desc "Notification agent role" "Notification Agent"
  2. Add privileges to the role

    ipa role-add-privilege "Notification Agent" --privileges="User Administrators"
    ipa role-add-privilege "Notification Agent" --privileges="Group Administrators"
    ipa role-add-privilege "Notification Agent" --privileges="Password Policy Readers"
  3. Create a new service and assign the role to this service

    ipa service-add NOTIFY/
    ipa role-add-member  "Notification Agent" --services="NOTIFY/"
    ipa service-allow-retrieve-keytab "NOTIFY/"
  4. Obtain a keytab with fix permissions

    ipa-getkeytab -s -p "NOTIFY/" -k ~/.priv/notify.keytab
    chmod -R 600 ~/.priv
  5. (Optional) Create a new virtual env and activate it

    mkdir /opt/ipa-notify
    virtualenv -p python3 /opt/ipa-notify/venv
    source /opt/ipa-notify/venv/bin/activate
  6. Install this package:

    pip3 install ipa-notify
  7. Run the command in noop mode for a successful user listing

    /opt/ipa-notify/bin/ipa-notify --server -p "NOTIFY/" -k ~/.priv/notify.keytab \
    --limit 10 --groups users --check-expiration --noop
  8. Create a script includes the command with your parameters with proper permissions under /usr/local/sbin/

  9. Add a crontab entry. For example 0 0 * * * root /usr/local/sbin/ &>> /var/log/ipa_notify.log

  10. (Optional) You can create an email template folder and overwrite the message content. You can change the content but do not change file names or variable names. Template should start with Subject: keyword and there has to be new line between the subject and body. Please test your template before using.

$ python3 -c 'import ipa_notify;print(ipa_notify.__file__)'
$ cp -r /usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/ipa_notify/templates ./mytemplates
# edit the content
$ ipa-notify ... --templates ./mytemplates


$ ipa-notify --help
usage: ipa-notify [-h] [--server SERVER] [--verify-ssl] [--no-verify-ssl] [--principal PRINCIPAL] [--keytab KEYTAB] [--groups GROUPS [GROUPS ...]] [--limit LIMIT] [--smtp-host SMTP_HOST] [--smtp-port SMTP_PORT]
                  [--smtp-security {none,STARTTLS,SSL}] [--smtp-user SMTP_USER] [--smtp-pass SMTP_PASS] [--smtp-from SMTP_FROM] [--admins ADMINS [ADMINS ...]] [--noop] [--check-expiration] [--check-locked] [--templates TEMPLATES]

IPA Notifier

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --server SERVER       ipa server fqdn (default:
  --verify-ssl          verify ipa connection SSL cert (default) (default: True)
  --no-verify-ssl       do not verify ipa connection SSL cert (default: True)
  --principal PRINCIPAL
                        user principal for kerberos authentication (default: admin@DOMAIN.COM)
  --keytab KEYTAB       keytab path (default: /tmp/user.kt)
  --groups GROUPS [GROUPS ...]
                        list of user groups to check (default: ['users'])
  --limit LIMIT         number of days before notifying a user (default: 5)
  --smtp-host SMTP_HOST
                        smtp host for sending email (default: localhost)
  --smtp-port SMTP_PORT
                        smtp port for sending email (default: 25)
  --smtp-security {none,STARTTLS,SSL}
                        smtp port for sending email (default: none)
  --smtp-user SMTP_USER
                        smtp user login (default: )
  --smtp-pass SMTP_PASS
                        smtp user password (default: )
  --smtp-from SMTP_FROM
                        smtp from email address (default:
  --admins ADMINS [ADMINS ...]
                        admin user(s) email(s) to notify about locked users (default:
  --noop                no operation mode. Do not send emails (default: False)
  --check-expiration    Check password expirations for users (default: False)
  --check-locked        Check locked out users (default: False)
  --templates TEMPLATES
                        Custom email template folder (default: )
                        log level (default: INFO)