Reads Imageplate files and combines multiple readouts to a single HDR if necessary. Can be used as module or with "python -m ipread" to have a CLI tool for fast preview.

image-plate, physics, psl-scale, python
pip install ipread==0.2.1



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Python Module for reading Image Plates and combining several readouts to a single Image converted to PSL scale.


Install from github (recommended)

IPread can be installed directly from github via pip by running:

pip install --user git+https://github.com/skuschel/IPread.git

IPread's latest release is available on pypi

IPread is available in the python package index, thus it can be installed by using the python package manager pip:

pip install ipread

pip will download and install the latest version from pypi, thus no manual download is required. This is surely the easiest way to install ipread.

Don't install, just use

Just copy ipread.py into your working directory and use import ipread in any python script in that directory.

install in userspace

this will allow to access the package via import ipread from everywhere, but only for a single user.

./setup.py install --user

install globally

With admin rights you can install IPread for all user of this computer by running:

./setup.py install

Using the Command-line-interface

The CLI will provide an easy and fast way to run the python module as a script to preview any image plate files using matplotlib. After installing, just run

ipread -h

for further instructions. In case your system is configured to read executables from a python specific script path, the command ipread will serve as an alias to python -m ipread after installation.


Please use the issue tracker to ask user questions, report bugs or unexpected behavior. Thanks!