Edit Jira issues as text files locally.

git, jira, jira-client, python, python3
pip install jirafs==2.3.1



https://travis-ci.org/coddingtonbear/jirafs.svg?branch=master https://badge.fury.io/py/jirafs.png

Pronounced like 'giraffes', but totally unrelated to wildlife, this library lets you stay out of Jira as much as possible by letting you edit your Jira issues as a collection of text files using an interface inspired by git and hg.


Read more details in the docs.

Plugins and Macros Too

Jirafs provides a Plugin API allowing you to simplify your workflow in Jira; several plugins already exist, including the following tools:

  • For including programmatically-generated images in your Jira issues without ever leaving your editor:
    • jirafs-graphviz: Embed Graphviz (e.g. dot or neato) graphs using Graphviz's ubiquitous graph description language.
    • jirafs-matplotlib: Embed graphs generated with the common Python charting library Matplotlib by writing simple python scripts.
    • jirafs-plantuml: Embed UML (e.g. timing, sequence, or activity) diagrams generated via PlantUML's easy-to-use text format.
    • jirafs-mermaid: Embed beautiful diagrams (e.g. pie, gantt, or class) using Mermaid's markdown-ish diagram description language.
  • For making tables more easily:


  • git >= 1.8
  • python3 >= 3.6