Jumper GATT proxy for logging BLE traffic

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pip install jumper-ble-logger==0.1.3


Jumper BLE Logger


The BLE Logger is part of Jumper Insights- a full visibility platform for IoT systems. The BLE Logger is a process that runs on Linux gateways and logs data from BLE devices that are connected to the gateway via BLE and are using the Jumper uLogger.



  • Linux based device as a central BLE device
  • Python2.7 and Pip installed
  • LE connection to the BLE peripheral


  • Jumper's uLogger should be installed
  • BLE - Currently, only GATT protocol is supported.


  • Install prerequisits:
    • gatttool (Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install bluez)
    • pip (Ubuntu: sudo apt install python-pip python-dev)
    • libffi-dev and libssl-dev (Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libffi-dev libssl-dev)
  • Install the logger: sudo -H pip install jumper-ble-logger

Getting Started

Check out our sample project for the Nordic nRF52 development kit.


  • Make sure Jumper's Logging Agent is running sudo service jumper-agent start
  • Modify "/etc/jumper_ble_logger/events_config.json" to create new types of events if needed
  • Run hciconfig and check your current available HCI devices
  • Start the BLE Logger: sudo service jumper-ble start
  • Run hciconfig again to see your newly created HCI device
  • Start your gateway program as usual. Make sure to connect to the newly created HCI device. The BLE Logger will start logging as soon as you connect to a peripheral and discover its characteristics.

How it Works

If you just want to get started, feel free to skip this step

When the BLE Logger is started, it will connect to your current HCI device (usually "hci0") and will create a new proxied HCI device (usually "hci1") which you will set your gateway program to connect to.

The new "hci1" device can be used just like the original "hci0", as all commands and events will transparently pass on to it. When logging notifications are received from the peripheral, the BLE Logger will send them to Jumper's Logging Agent and will not pass them on to "hci1" (gateway program).

This is the process of how it works (GATT only):

  1. The BLE Logger recognizes established LE connections.
  2. When the gateway program is discovering characteristics, the BLE Logger recognizes Jumper's GATT service.
  3. The BLE Logger reads the current timestamp from the device and synchronizes it with the real world time.
  4. The BLE Logger writes to the notifications handle to enable logging notifications.
  5. When a logging notification is being received, the BLE Logger will write it to the Logging Agent.

The user/gateway program is not being affected by steps 3-4 and they are being filtered out from 'hci1'


Check out the following files for logs:

  • /var/log/jumper-ble.err
  • /var/log/jumper-ble.log
  • /var/log/jumper-agent.err
  • /var/log/jumper-agent.log

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