A Jupyter kernel for polymake

pip install jupyter-kernel-polymake==0.16


jupyter kernel polymake

###Jupyter kernel for polymake

This is the current beta version of a jupyter kernel for polymake. It uses the ipykernel and pexpect python module, along with some sugar.


To use this kernel, you need python3 with jupyter installed. To get further information about installing it, please have a look at python and Jupyter. For most Linux and OS X versions, all the packages needed are accessible via pip. For the usage of interactive widgets you also need the ipywidgets python module installed.

Also, the latest version of polymake is required.


To install the kernel for your Jupyter, clone this repository and install it via the following commands, where the first might be need super user rights, depending on your python installation. The second should be executed as the user who wants to use jupyter, e.g., your normal user.

    python setup.py install

If one of those commands fail, please make sure you have the proper rights. Also, check whether your python is really python3. If not, python3 might work for you, but if you want to start Jupyter via the commands below, you need to alias python3 for python

To use it, use one of the following:

    jupyter notebook
    jupyter qtconsole --kernel polymake
    jupyter console --kernel polymake

Note that this kernel assumes that polymake is in the PATH.


Please have a look at the Demo worksheet.