d3 based slider Jupyter Widget - for demo

jupyter-widget, d3, slider
pip install jupyter_widget_d3_slider==0.1.9




1 - Overview

This is a jupyter widget (or ipywidget) wrapping a simple custom slider based on the fantastic d3.js library.

The official documentation describes a Hello World widget and also points to several very advanced widgets from bqplot to ipyvolume.
But there is a large gap between these 2 stages.

This simple widget may serve as a template for intermediate users who feel the (huge) potential of this library, want to build one, but cannot find examples relevant to their level i.e. past absolute beginner.

To get a feel of the result check out the demo notebook.

If you are interesting about how to embed jupyter widgets in a pure web context, check out the second notebook

For more info about jupyter widgets (installation process, packaging and publishing), see this tutorial repo. All what's written there is also true for this package, just changing the name first-widget into jupyter-widget-d3-slider.

2 - Installation

$ pip install jupyter_widget_d3_slider