JupyterHub authenticator that hands out temporary accounts for everyone

authenticator, jupyterhub, tmpnb
pip install jupyterhub-tmpauthenticator==1.0.0


Temporary JupyterHub Authenticator

Simple authenticator for JupyterHub that gives anyone who visits the home page a user account without having to log in using any UI at all. It also spawns a single-user server and directs the user to it immediately, without them having to press a button.

Built primarily to help run tmpnb with JupyterHub.


pip install jupyterhub-tmpauthenticator

Should install it. It has no additional dependencies beyond JupyterHub.

You can then use this as your authenticator by adding the following line to your jupyterhub_config.py:

c.JupyterHub.authenticator_class = "tmp"


tmpauthenticator does not have a lot of configurable knobs, but will respect many relevant config options in the base JupyterHub Authenticator class. Here are a few that are particularly useful.


By default, tmpauthenticator will automatically log the user in as soon as they hit the landing page of the JupyterHub, without showing them any UI. This behavior can be turned off by setting TmpAuthenticator.auto_login to False, allowing a home page to be shown. There will be a Sign in button here that will automatically authenticate the user.

c.TmpAuthenticator.auto_login = False


If auto_login is set to False, the value of TmpAuthenticator.login_service will determine the text shown next to Sign in in the default home page. It defaults to Automatic Temporary Credentials, so the button will read as Sign in with Automatic Temporary Credentials`.

c.TmpAuthenticator.auto_login = False
c.TmpAuthenticator.login_service = "your inherent worth as a human being"