A JupyterLab plugin to facilitate invocation of code formatters.

autopep8, black, code-formatter, jupyterlab-extension, jupyterlab-extensions, python, r, yapf
pip install jupyterlab-code-formatter==2.2.1


A JupyterLab plugin to facilitate invocation of code formatters.

PSA: I can only dedicate a few hours per week for this plugin, bear with me if your request/issue is taking a while to be fixed.

Documentation: Hosted on ReadTheDocs


Quick Start

I recommend you going to the documentation site, but this should work too.

  1. Install the package
pip install jupyterlab-code-formatter
  1. Install some supported formatters (isort+black are default for Python)
# NOTE: Install black and isort,
#       JL code formatter is configured to invoke isort and black by default
pip install black isort
  1. Restart JupyterLab

This plugin includes a server plugin, restart JupyterLab if you have followed the above steps while it's running.

  1. Configure plugin

To configure which/how formatters are invoked, see configuration.

Getting help

I am most responsive on Discord, feel free to ping me in Python Discord, the #editors-ide channel is a suitable place for that.

If you don't use Discord then feel free to open a GitHub issue, do note I am a bit slower in responding in GitHub.

Your Support

I could really use your support in giving me a star on GitHub, recommending features, fixing bugs or maybe even providing monetary support!

Also shout-out to my employer Huq Industries(@huq-industries) for allowing me to work on this some of the time during work.


Massive thanks to the below list of people who made past contributions to the project!


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT LICENSE .