Kestrel Jupyter Kernel

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pip install kestrel-jupyter==1.0.7


Kestrel Jupyter Notebook Kernel

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This repository contains two Python packages:

  • kestrel_jupyter_kernel
  • kestrel_ipython

Install and Setup

To install the released version:

$ pip install kestrel-jupyter
$ python -m kestrel_jupyter_kernel.setup

To install the nightly built version:

$ git clone git://
$ cd kestrel-jupyter
$ pip install .
$ python -m kestrel_jupyter_kernel.setup

How to Use Kestrel Jupyter Notebook Kernel

Start Jupyter with jupyter nbclassic and start a new notebook with the kestrel kernel. Note if you are using jupyter lab, most functionalities are there such as code execution, error prompot, and context-aware auto-complete, but the syntax highlighting is not ported from our Jupyter Notebook environment to Jupyter Lab yet.

Write your hello world hunt:

newvar = NEW process ["cmd.exe", "reg.exe"]
DISP newvar

Check Kestrel documentation for more.

How to Use ipython Magic Function

import kestrel_ipython

Then you can write any code in single-line or multi-line Kestrel in Python:

newvar = NEW process ["cmd.exe", "reg.exe"]
DISP newvar

Uninstall Kestrel Jupyter Kernel

List all Jupyter kernels installed:

$ jupyter kernelspec list

Uninstall Kestrel kernel:

$ jupyter kernelspec uninstall kestrel

How to Contribute

As a component in the Kestrel runtime, this repo follows the contributing guideline and governance documentation in the main kestrel-lang repo.