kinto-wizard is a tool to configure a kinto server from an YAML file.

web, sync, json, storage, services
pip install kinto-wizard==4.0.1



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kinto-wizard is a tool that lets you setup an entire Kinto server from a Yaml file, or inspect an existing server and output a Yaml file.

You can define Kinto objects (bucket, collection, groups, records) and configure their attributes and permissions.

Read more information about the file structure


The last release

pip install kinto-wizard

The development version

After having cloned the repo:

pip install -e .

How to use it?


kinto-wizard load \
    --server \
    --auth admin:credentials \


kinto-wizard dump \
    --server \
    --auth admin:credentials \
    > current-config.yml

The dump also accepts a --full option that will output object data and collection records.

Validate a dump

The way Kinto works is by letting you change a collection schema but won't enforce the new schema for existing records.

When you dump a collection and its records, you can end-up having records that Kinto won't let you upload back because the schema changed and they are invalid with the current schema.

This can lead to unexpected behavior on loading time which is a bit cumbersome because depending of the size of the file you are loading, it can takes a long time before getting an actual error.

In order to fix the file before loading, you can use the validate command that would give you the error Kinto would return if you were to load the file on a Kinto server.

kinto-wizard validate current-config.yml