Control a Sonos system from your KNX installation

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pip install knxsonos==0.2.2


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Control a Sonos system from your KNX installation.

Simple bridging between a KNX system and a Sonos installation.

Specify KNX group addresses for triggering Sonos play/pause/volum/etc.

Supports simple macros, to run multiple commands for the same group address.

Uses SoCo for Sonos control.



A KNX IP router/gateway must be available and accessible (currently tested only with EIBD.)

The SoCo python module must be installed (pip install soco)


The easiest wat to install knxsonos is to use pip, command:

pip install knxsonos


The configuration file is written in XML format.

It defines a mapping between a KKNX group address, and one or mor Sonos commands.

Such mappings can be defined either to apply to all zones, or to specific zones only.

It is also possible to define macros, which are groups of commands that can be called upon from both mappings or other macros.

See the knxsonos.config file for example configuration, with comments explaining the various parts.

The configuration file must either be specified using the -c option, or be called knxsonos.config and be present in the current directory.