Kyle's utilities

pip install kutils==0.3.0



Kyle's utilities.

These are various data structures and tools that I think are useful and want to re-use across projects.

A Makefile is supplied to simplify certain tasks. This is aimed to support the author's workflow, and may not be as useful to other people.

  • build: create a source distribution.
  • clean: remove caches, compiled bytecode, build artifacts, and any generated documentation.
  • docs: generate docs; if the DOCS variable isn't set, it defaults to generating HTML docs.
  • lint: run pylint on $(LINTMOD), which should be the main project module.
  • setup: use pip to install the project requirements.
  • test: run pytest on the tests module.
  • viewdocs: run $(SRVMOD) (which defaults to http.server) on the HTML Sphinx documentation.