A module containing C-extensions for the labscript suite

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pip install labscript-c-extensions==1.0.2


the labscript suite

the labscript suite » labscript-c-extensions

C language extensions used by the labscript suite

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C language extensions used by the labscript suite. We provide built distributions for these extensions as conda packages on Anaconda Cloud and wheels on PyPI for various platforms.

Bundling these extensions in a separate module ensures that developer installations of other labscript suite components don't depend on build tools, as they can install the prebuilt wheel/conda package containing the extensions. Only developers of these extensions need the build tools (for example, MSVC++ on Windows)


labscript-c-extensions is distributed as a Python package on PyPI and Anaconda Cloud, and should be installed with other components of the labscript suite. Please see the installation guide for details.