A package to connect to and interact with Lake Shore instruments.

pip install lakeshore==1.8.1


Lake Shore Python Driver

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The Lake Shore python driver allows users to quickly and easily communicate with Lake Shore instruments. It automatically establishes a connection and provides a variety of functions specific to the product that configure settings and acquire measurements.


Click here to read the documentation and some example scripts

Supported Products

Advanced support

Getting Started

Install the driver using pip:

pip install lakeshore

It should be noted that the lakeshore driver requires a minimum python version of 3.7.

A Simple Example

The following code will connect to a 155 Precision Source over USB and print what is returned by an identification query.

from lakeshore import PrecisionSource

my_instrument = PrecisionSource()


We want your feedback!

Please request changes, features, and additional instruments through the GitHub issues page.

Don't hesitate to create pull requests. They make the driver better for everyone!