Make images look as if they are made out of 1x1 LEGO blocks

pip install legofy==1.0.0


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What is it?

Legofy is a python program that takes a static image or gif and makes it so that it looks as if it was built out of LEGO.




  • Python
  • Python modules: Pillow, click # pip will install these automatically if using pip install legofy
  • imagemagick # not needed but recommended


If you find a bug:

  1. Check in the open issues if the bug already exists.
  2. If the bug is not there, create a new issue with clear steps on how to reproduce it.


$ pip install legofy

or install from source

$ git clone
$ cd Legofy
$ python install

Wait! I don't know what any of this means? Use pip then, or if you really want to install from source have some help.


Usage: legofy [OPTIONS] IMAGE [OUTPUT]

  Legofy an image!

  --size INTEGER                  Number of bricks the longest side of the legofied image should have.
  --dither / --no-dither          Use dither algorithm to spread the color approximation error.
  --palette [all|effects|mono|solid|transparent]
                                  Palette to use based on real Lego colors.
  --help                          Show this message and exit.


There are 3 palettes: solid (33 colors), transparent (14 colors) and effects (4 colors). You can use one of them or all the 3.

$ legofy --palette solid image.jpg
$ legofy --palette transparent image.jpg
$ legofy --palette effects image.jpg
$ legofy --palette all image.jpg

There is another one palette, mono, with only 2 colors (black and white...). It's just for test and fun...



  1. Download and install all requirements
  1. Download this project by using the download zip button on this page, or running git clone
  • If you downloaded a zip file, please unzip it
  1. Open a command line and navigate to the project folder
  2. Run python install while in the project folder
  3. You can now use Legofy anywhere, see usage for more help