An open source library for statistical plotting

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pip install lets-plot==4.3.3



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Lets-Plot is a multiplatform plotting library built on the principles of the Grammar of Graphics.

The library' design is heavily influenced by Leland Wilkinson work The Grammar of Graphics describing the deep features that underlie all statistical graphics.

This grammar [...] is made up of a set of independent components that can be composed in many different ways. This makes [it] very powerful because you are not limited to a set of pre-specified graphics, but you can create new graphics that are precisely tailored for your problem.

Grammar of Graphics for Python Latest Release

A bridge between R (ggplot2) and Python data visualization.
To learn more see the documentation site at

Grammar of Graphics for Kotlin Latest Release


Create plots in Kotlin Notebook, Datalore, Jupyter with Kotlin Kernel
or any other notebook that supports Kotlin Kernel.
To learn more see the Lets-Plot Kotlin API project at GitHub.

Compose Multiplatform

Embed Lets-Plot charts in Compose Multiplatform applications.
To learn more see the Lets-Plot Skia Frontend project at GitHub.

JVM and Kotlin/JS

Embed Lets-Plot charts in JVM (Swing, JavaFX) and Kotlin/JS applications.
To learn more see the Lets-Plot Kotlin API project at GitHub.

"Lets-Plot in SciView" plugin

JetBrains Plugins JetBrains plugins

Scientific mode in PyCharm and in IntelliJ IDEA provides support for interactive scientific computing and data visualization.

Lets-Plot in SciView plugin adds support for interactive plotting to IntelliJ-based IDEs with the Scientific mode enabled.

Note: The Scientific mode is NOT available in communinty editions of JetBrains IDEs.

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What is new in 4.3.0

  • coord_polar()

    The polar coordinate system is most commonly used for pie charts, but
    it can also be used for constructing Spider or Radar charts using the flat option.

    f-24a/images/polar_coord_pie.png f-24a/images/radar_chart.png

    See: example notebook.

  • In the theme():

    • panel_inset parameter - primarily used for plots with polar coordinates.

      See: example notebook.

    • panel_border_ontop parameter - enables the drawing of panel border on top of the plot geoms.

    • panel_grid_ontop, panel_grid_ontop_x, panel_grid_ontop_y parameters - enable the drawing of grid lines on top of the plot geoms.

  • geom_curve()


    See: example notebook.

  • [UNIQUE] Visualizing Graph-like Data with geom_segment() and geom_curve()

    • Aesthetics size_start, size_end, stroke_start and stroke_end enable better alignment of
      segments/curves with nodes of the graph by considering the size of the nodes.

    • The spacer parameter allows for additional manual fine-tuning.

      f-24a/images/graph_simple.png f-24a/images/graph_on_map.png


  • The alpha_stroke Parameter in geom_label()

    Use the alpha_stroke parameter to apply alpha to entire label. By default, alpha is only applied to the label background.

    See: example notebook.

  • Showing Plots in External Browser

    The setup_show_ext() directive allows plots to be displayed in an external browser window.

Recent Updates in the Gallery

f-24b/images/gal_venn_diagram.png f-24b/images/gal_spoke.png f-24b/images/gal_indonesia_volcanoes_on_map.png f-24b/images/gal_japanese_volcanoes_on_map.png f-24a/images/gal_bbc_cookbook.png f-24a/images/gal_penguins.png f-24a/images/gal_periodic_table.png f-24a/images/gal_wind_rose.png f-24a/images/gal_polar_heatmap.png

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