provides Linear Equations in 2 variables as Python Objects

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pip install linear-equations==0.0.7



About linear-equations

linear-equations is a mathematical Python module providing Linear Equations in one variable, and Linear Equations in two variables as Python objects through two classes called LinearEquation1D and LinearEquation2D.

Date of creation: April 04, 2021
Date of first release on PyPI: April 29, 2021

Along with the classes describing algebra of linear equations, a class Symbol has also been provided to allocate the symbols used in these equations.


A small graphical-user interface based program is also available as a sub-part of this project. The GUI version of linear-equations has a dependency on this module, linear_equations.
Date of creation: April 20, 2021

Some features and functionalities

  • class Symbol

    symbols to use in Linear Equations, for example: Symbol("x") -> x

  • class LinearEquation1D

    objects of type ax + b = 0

  • class LinearEquation2D

    objects of type ax + by + c = 0

  • function solve1D(eqn)

    used to retrieve the solution to a 1D equation

  • function solve2D(eqn1, eqn2)

    used to retrieve solution to two 2D equations

  • function consistency(eqn1, eqn2)

    checks and returns if the given LinearEquation2D objects are consistent or not

  • function satisfies(eqn, x, y)

    returns True if the given pair of numbers satisfy a particular LinearEquation2D and False otherwise

All classes, methods and functions are enriched with help-text that can be acccessed using the following syntax:


Edit the logging settings

To modify the level of the logger, modify:

    filename="linear-equations.log", level=logging.INFO, format=LOG_FORMAT

on Line 102 of to:

   filename="linear-equations.log", level=LEVEL, format=LOG_FORMAT

where LEVEL can be one of:

  • logging.INFO
  • logging.DEBUG
  • logging.WARNING
  • logging.ERROR
  • logging.CRITICAL

Update History

Update (0.0.5)

Added graphing and visualization of 2-dimensional equations.
Added function graph(eqn1, eqn2) which graphs the given LinearEquation2D objects on a 2D mathematical plot along with their solution (if any)

Update (0.0.6)

Minor bug fixes:

  • Fixed issues with plotting linear equations
  • Improved legend on graphs

Added function graph_many(eqn1, eqn2, ..., eqn, show_legend=True) which graphs more than two LinearEquation2D objects on the same plot along with each of their solutions (if any)

Updates (0.0.7)

Minor bug fixes


'' makes use of global variables.


To use, execute:

pip install linear-equations

Import this file in your project, wherever needed, using:

import linear_equations as le

To use the graphical-user interface, clone the repository on your device, navigate to the folder, and execute: