The Python module for Line-us

Line-us, lineus, drawing, robot, draw, drawing-robot, python
pip install lineus==1.0.3


Welcome to LineUsPythonModule!

The LineUsPythonModule is a really simple and easy way to get started with controlling your Line-us from Python. Take a look at the Quickstart section in the documentation to get going.


Full documentation for the Line-us Python module is available on ReadTheDocs

What is Line-us?

Line-us is an internet connected robot drawing arm. It's small, portable and draws with a nice wobbly line using a real pen on paper. The free app lets you draw, send messages, share sketchbooks or enjoy collecting artworks from others!

Line-us was created in London by Durrell Bishop and Robert Poll. There is a lot more information on our website:

If you have any questions please drop us an email: of post on our forum:

Have fun!!