A Super Simplified Python with a Little Syntactic Sugar

pip install littlepython==0.4.11.post1


Little Python

A Super Simplified Python with a Little Syntactic Sugar
MIT License

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Statement of Purpose

The intent of the Little Python programming language is to implement a simple language that is easy for people with little to no coding experience to create a program. The need for such a language arose when creating a framework for competitions where individuals of all skill levels can create a rudimentary AI to compete against various challenges. We wanted to “level” the playing field by having a language that is limited in functionality and is unfamiliar to anyone. Please keep this in mind when suggesting and/or commenting on the design features.


Run this following command to install from PyPI.

pip install littlepython

Setup for development

Run pip install -e . to install the package locally using sym links so changes to the code in the repo will be reflected globally. To run all the tests run python test.