Connect to servers

pip install llamicron-i==0.2.9



A utility to help you connect (ssh) to remote servers.

Use case

I have a few Raspberry Pis, some Amazon AWS EC2 instances, and a few other machines that I connect to with ssh frequently. It's a pain to remember these usernames, ip addresses, passwords, etc. Use I to add a server entry (i add), and then you'll never have to remember it again. Use i connect to ssh into the server, and you're done. Server data is stored in json (~/.i), so you can easily back it up and make it portable through something like gist.

##Installation If I can manage it figure it out, you'll be able to use pypi, so:

$ pip install i

If not, clone this repo and use the Makefile


There's four main commands:

  • i list - Display a table with all your server information.
  • i add - Add a server. I will ask you for the details.
  • i connect - Connect to a server. I will ask you for the server name, or you can specify it like so: i connect -n [server_name].
  • i remove - Remove a server. I will ask you for the name of the server you want to remove.

Pro Tip: use -f with i list to search for a server. E.g. i list -f [server_name]. You can also use ack or grep, I don't give a shit.

Why is it called "I"

I wanted something fast to type, also it makes code very "readable" lmao.


Do what the fuck you want. MIT or something.

Made by llamicron, for llamicron