Insert meteorological station data to Enhydris

pip install loggertodb==2.2.0



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Insert meteorological station data to Enhydris


Free software: GNU General Public License v3


Creating a Windows executable

Note: You have to work on Windows 7. If you work on Windows 10, the resulting executable might not run on Windows 7. If you find a way to create the executable on Windows 10 that runs on Windows 7 (or stop supporting Windows 7), fix this README.

We've found that executables created on 64-bit Windows 7 do run on 32-bit Windows 7, however ideally the resulting executable should be tested in both environments.

The first time:

  1. Install git.
  2. Install a recent Python 3 version.
  3. Execute Git Bash.
  4. Clone loggertodb.
  5. Change to the working directory of loggertodb.
  6. pip install virtualenv==16.1.0 (this is because of a pyinstaller bug).
  7. virtualenv ../venv
  8. ../venv/Scripts/pip install -e .
  9. ../venv/Scripts/pip install pyinstaller

Next times:

  1. ../venv/Scripts/pip install -e . (to upgrade dependencies if needed)
  2. ../venv/Scripts/python test
  3. rm -r dist loggertodb.spec
  4. ../venv/Scripts/pyinstaller --onefile --name=loggertodb bin/loggertodb-windows

After this, loggertodb.exe should be in the dist directory.