Python library for the Murata TypeABZ LoRaWAN modem

iot, lora, lorawan, lpwan, lorawan-device, firmware, stm32
pip install lora-modem-abz==1.2.6


Open LoRaWAN Modem for Murata Type ABZ Module

This project develops an open-source LoRaWAN modem firmware for the Type ABZ wireless module by Murata. The firmware provides an AT command interface backward compatible with Murata Modem, Murata's proprietary LoRaWAN firmware. The firmware can be used on all Type ABZ variants with an open (user-programmable) microcontroller (also known as OpenMCU).

Main Features

The project also provides a high-level Python library and command line tool for managing Type ABZ LoRa modems. See this README for more information.


Binary firmware images for several platforms embedding the Type ABZ module are available from the release page. We generate a pre-configured firmware variant for each of the following platforms:

The STM32 Cube Programmer or the Hardwario firmware flashing tool can be used to flash the firmware into the Type ABZ module. Steps to flash the firmware into Hardwario Tower LoRa Module are described in the wiki. Firmware update tool for the Arduino MKR WAN 1310 can be found here.


You will need the embedded gcc toolchain for ARM (arm-none-eabi), git, and make to build your own firmware binary from the source code. First, clone the repository and initialize git submodules:

git clone https://github.com/hardwario/lora-modem-abz
cd lora-modem-abz
git submodule update --init

If you wish to customize the build, edit the variables at the beginning of the Makefile (or override them at the make command line). Then run make to build the firmware in release mode:


If you wish to build a development version with logging and debugging enabled, run make debug instead. Please note that development builds have higher idle power consumption than release builds.


Additional documentation and notes can be found in the wiki.


Bug reports, improvement suggestions, pull requests, and updates to the documentation in the wiki would be greatly appreciated!


The firmware open source, licensed under the terms of the Revised BSD License. It includes the LoRaMac-node library licensed under the Revised BSD License and portions of the STM32CubeL0 MCU firmware package licensed under the Revised BSD License.

See LICENSE for full details.