Buildout extension to add http authentication for find-links and download recipies

buildout, http, authentication, github
pip install lovely.buildouthttp==0.6.1


HTTP plugins for buildout

HTTP Basic-Authentication

With this extension it is possible to define password protected package directories without specifying the password and user in the url.

Let's take the example protected location,

First we would need to add the extension and the find link for our protected location:

find-links =
extensions = lovely.buildouthttp

Then create the .httpauth password file, this file contains all authentication information. The .httpauth file can be placed in the root of the current buildout or in the ~/.buildout directory. Each row consists of realm, uri, username, password.

Here is an example of the .httpauth file:

Example com realm,, username, secret

It is also possible to leave the secret away. Then you will be prompted for the secret whenever buildout is run:

Example com realm,, username

Note that basic auth also works with any recipe using (e.g. because this extension also overwrites the url opener of zc.buildout.

Github Private Downloads

Private downloads on require authorization to download. The previous token-based authentication system based on the v2 API (see is no longer supported by GitHub as of June 1 2012; You must now request a v3 API token and use that instead.

Requesting a new API token can be done in one line using curl (please substitute your own github username and password):

curl -s -X POST -d '{"scopes": ["repo"], "note": "my API token"}'
https://${user}:${pass} | grep token

Now set the value of github.token to the hash returned from the command above:

git config --global github.accesstoken ${token}

Note that the v3 API does not require your github username to work, and can be removed from your configuration if you wish.

For details on managing authorization GitHub's OAuth tokens, see the API documentation:

URL to download a tag or branch:<gituser>/<repos>/tarball/master

URL to downlad a "download":<gituser>/<repos>/<name>

As some eggs on PyPi also use public Github download URLs you may want to whitelist the repos that authentication is required for as Github will return a 401 error code even for public repositories if the wrong auth details are provided. To do this just list each repo in the format <gituser>/<repos> one per line in the buildout config github-repos:

extensions = lovely.buildouthttp
github-repos = lovelysystems/lovely.buildouthttp


Thanks to Tarek Ziade, Kevin Williams and Wesley Mason for bugfixes and extensions.