Luna ML client

leaderboard, machine-learning, mlops, model-evaluation
pip install luna-ml==0.2.6


Luna ML | docs

Luna ML: Get your ML models evaluated

Luna ML provides ML model evaluation environment and display evaluation results as well as leaderboard when models are submitted. It works with any ML frameworks you uses and any evaluation criteria you defines.

Luna ML is designed with MLOps in mind. Defining projects, evaluation environment and submitting models are done via making Pull requests on the connected GitHub repository. It automates processes using Github action.


  • Overview - Why Luna ML, How it works, FAQ
  • Quickstart - Install, Setup project repo, submit models and get evaluated
  • References - luna.yaml, model.yaml, project directory structure

See also

Project Description
luna-ml Luna ML Client - The current repository
luna-action Luna ML Github action to automate Pull request review and submit on merge
luna-project-template Template for creating new Github repository for Luna ML Projects

Getting involved

You're welcomed ❤️ to leave questions, feedback and ideas!

See CONTRIBUTING for code contribution.