A placeholder for a WIP Sphinx theme.

pip install lutra==0.0.0.dev0



A clean, modern, customisable, searchable, mobile-friendly theme for documentation.

This theme is still under development. Things will change without notice! :)

Elevator pitch

  • Statically awesome — builds upon Sphinx and huge ecosystem of extensions.
  • Responsive — works across all sorts of screen resolutions.
  • Customisable — change colors, fonts, page layout and more!
  • Clear typography — borrowing the design language of this decade's websites.
  • Capable navigation — scales with large documentation sets.
  • Capable search — help readers find what they want quickly.
  • Modern architecture — built with modern tooling (sphinx-theme-builder, Tailwind, webpack, and more).


To use the theme in your existing Sphinx documentation:

  1. Install Lutra in documentation's build environment.

    $ pip install lutra
  2. Update the html_theme in If there's any configuration variables that start with html_ in this file, comment them out.

    html_theme = "lutra"
  3. Your Sphinx documentation's HTML pages will now be generated with this theme! 🎉

For more information, visit Lutra's documentation.


Lutra is a volunteer maintained open source project, and we welcome contributions of all forms. Please take a look at our Contributing Guide for more information.


Lutra draws inspiration from some excellent technical documentation websites:

We use BrowserStack to test on real devices and browsers. Shoutout to them for supporting OSS projects!

What's with the name?

I plucked this out of the scientific name for The Eurasian otter: Lutra lutra. You can decide whether I picked the first one or the second one.

Used By

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This project is licensed under the MIT License.