Machine Learning Stanford

pip install machineLearningStanford==0.0


If you want to learn about basic machine learning, please visit Machine Learning Stanford note. This website has precious materials which can give you a broad knowledge about machine learning.

###Quick Guide:

  1. Installing python3.
  2. Installing numpy, matplotlib, scipy, scikit-learn and Pillow.
sudo pip3 install numpy
sudo pip3 install matplotlib
sudo pip3 install scipy
sudo pip3 install scikit-learn
sudo pip3 install Pillow
  1. Cloning from
git clone

Linear Regression
Logistic Regression
Multi-class Classification
Neural Networks
Regularized Linear Regression and Bias v.s. Variance
Support Vector Machines
K-means clustering and Principal Component Analysis
Anomaly Detection and Recommender Systems

If you want to use this module, please read the *.py file in test folder. You should get a good understanding of using this module by reading test file. If not, please contact me. Any judgement and recommendation are welcomed. Thank you.