Easily display icon fonts in markdown.

markdown, icons, fontawesome, bootstrap
pip install markdown-iconfonts==3.0.0


markdown-icons (

Easily display icon fonts in python markdown. Just add the CSS necessary for your font and add this extension.

This is a 3rd party extension for Python Markdown. You can see a full list of 3rd party extensions here.

Although this works with any icon font, users can use a mod syntax to add more prefixed classes to support Font Awesome and its special classes such as 2x, 3x, muted, spin, etc

Furthermore, users can add their own user_mod syntax to add additional, non-prefixed, pre-defined classes for greater control over their icons while allowing you to control exactly what styles are allowed.

See the python markdown documentation for more information.

Use it in any personal or commercial project you want.

Current Version: 2.1


  • Accepts a-z, A-Z, 0-9, _(underscore), and - (hypen)
  • Uses HTML Entity like syntax: &entity_name;

Mod syntax:


User mod syntax:


Example Markdown:

I love &icon-html5; and &icon-css3;
&icon-spinner:large,spin; Sorry we have to load...
I love <i aria-hidden="true" class="icon-html5"></i> and <i aria-hidden="true" class="icon-css3"></i>
<i aria-hidden="true" class="icon-spinner icon-large icon-spin"></i> Sorry we have to load...


Just drop it in the extensions folder of the markdown package: markdown/extensions

Usage / Setup:

Default Prefix is "icon-":

In a Django Template:

{{ textmd|markdown:"safe,iconfonts" }}

In Python:
md = markdown.Markdown(extensions=['iconfonts'])
converted_text = md.convert(text)

Use a custom Prefix:

In a Django Template:

{{ textmd|markdown:"safe,iconfonts(prefix=mypref-)" }}

In Python:
md = markdown.Markdown(extensions=['iconfonts(prefix=mypref-)'])
converted_text = md.convert(text)

No prefix (just in case you couldn't figure it out :P):

This isn't suggested, as it will take over the already built in HTML Entities

In Python:
md = markdown.Markdown(extensions=['iconfonts(prefix=)'])
converted_text = md.convert(text)

The base option allows for use of Bootstrap 3 and FontAwesome 4 icons

In Python:
md = markdown.Markdown(extensions=['iconfonts(base=icon)'])
converted_text = md.convert(text)

Input: &icon-html5;

Output: <i aria-hidden="true" class="icon icon-html5"></i>

Combine options with a comma:

md = markdown.Markdown(extensions=['iconfonts(prefix=fa-, base=fa)'])

prefix_base_pairs option

The prefix_base_pairs option allows for multiple prefix-base pairs to be specified, to allow you to support both Bootstrap 3/Glyphicon and FontAwesome icons

In Python:
md = markdown.Markdown(extensions=['iconfonts'],
                           'iconfonts': {
                               'prefix_base_pairs': {
                                   'fa-': 'fa',
                                   'glyphicon-': 'glyphicon',
converted_text = md.convert(text)

Input: &glyphicon-remove; &fa-html5;

Output: <i aria-hidden="true" class="glyphicon glyphicon-remove"></i><i aria-hidden="true" class="fa fa-html5"></i>

How to run the unit tests

  • Install Markdown: pip install markdown
  • Install markdown icons. Copy the file into site-packages/markdown/extensions/
  • Navigate to the test directory in CMD/terminal and run python -v