Cisco Meraki Dashboard API Python 3.6 Module

meraki, dashboard, cisco
pip install meraki==0.34


Python 3.6 module providing all current Meraki Dashboard API calls to interface with the Cisco Meraki cloud-managed IT solutions. Also available via PIP.

Initial Setup

  • Enable APIs in your Meraki dashboard and obtain an APIKey: Instructions
    • Keep your APIKey safe and secure. It is similar to a password for your dashboard. If publishing your Python programs to a wider audience, please research secure handling of APIKeys.
  • Although the Meraki API can be accessed in various ways, this module uses Python3. Get started with Python
  • After Python is installed, prepare your environment:
    • Use pip (or alternative such as easy_install) to install required packages:
      • pip install requests
      • pip install meraki
  • You are now ready to create your first script:
    • create a new file and name it with python extension, e.g.,
    • import the meraki api into your script, e.g., from meraki import meraki
    • use the meraki API to interact with your dashboard


from meraki import meraki

apikey = "jkhsfsdhk32424******example*****jlasdfsdfl3245345"
myOrgs = meraki.myorgaccess(apikey)

Useful API calls to get started

myNetworks = meraki.getnetworklist(apikey, orgid)
deviceList = meraki.getnetworkdevices(apikey, networkid)
clientList = meraki.getclients(apikey,serialnum)