multiscale geographically weighted regression

spatial, statistics
pip install mgwr==2.1.2


Multiscale Geographically Weighted Regression (MGWR)

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This module provides functionality to calibrate multiscale (M)GWR as well as traditional GWR. It is built upon the sparse generalized linear modeling (spglm) module.


  • GWR model calibration via iteratively weighted least squares for Gaussian, Poisson, and binomial probability models.
  • GWR bandwidth selection via golden section search or equal interval search
  • GWR-specific model diagnostics, including a multiple hypothesis test correction and local collinearity
  • Monte Carlo test for spatial variability of parameter estimate surfaces
  • GWR-based spatial prediction
  • MGWR model calibration via GAM iterative backfitting for Gaussian model
  • Parallel computing for GWR and MGWR
  • MGWR covariate-specific inference, including a multiple hypothesis test correction and local collinearity
  • Bandwidth confidence intervals for GWR and MGWR


Oshan, T. M., Li, Z., Kang, W., Wolf, L. J., & Fotheringham, A. S. (2019). mgwr: A Python implementation of multiscale geographically weighted regression for investigating process spatial heterogeneity and scale. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 8(6), 269.