Advanced Django Console (LTS Version)

python, django, django-admin, django-commands
pip install mirage-django-lts==0.2.2



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This is LTS version of MIRAGE Framework (now under construction). New feature will be added to new version of MIRAGE.

mirage ~ ♪ extended django admin or manage.py command.

⬇️ Installation

Installing Mirage with Pipenv is recommended.

pipenv install -d mirage-django-lts

If you don't use pipenv, you can install it with pip.

pip install mirage-django-lts

You can build this package manually.

make before_node
make build_all

🖥 Usage

    mg [action] option <--sub-option> <inputs>

    mg [action]:[subaction] option <--sub-option> <inputs>

[Create Project]

new                                         Create a new Django project.
new:react                                   Create a new Django API project with React.js front-end.
new:ng                                      Create a new Django API project with Angular.
                         --nebular          Create a new Angular project with Nebular.
                         --material         Create a new Angular project with Material theme.


b             app         <app name>        Backup exsiting app.
browser                   <URL>             Launch browser set as default by system.
conf                      <config type>     Generate miragefile or reconfig mirage.
f                                           Create a new Python source file with copyrights doc string.


c                                           Launch Django Python shell.
c:db                                        Launch databse shell.


db:migrate                                  Make migrations and apply migrations.
db:merge                                    Discard & recreate migrations.
db:reset                                    Reset all database. ( Only debugging SQLite is supported. )


g             app         <app names...>    Create multiple Django apps at once.
g             model       <model class>     Create Django model class.
g             module      <module bane>     Create a new Python module with __init__.py


heroku        configure                     Configure setting files for deploing to heroku.


m             test                          Run test of Django application.
m             superuser                     Create super user for Django admin.
m             <manage.py command>           Run manage.py command.


s                                           Launch debugging server.


h                                           Show usage of Mirage.
v                                           Print version information.
?             update                        Check update.
?             system                        Check platform and Python version.

Detail documentation is now under construction.

More usage is here.

🤪 Author

  • Shota Shimazu

© License

Copyright © 2017-2018 Shota Shimazu All Rights Reserved.
This software is released under the Apache License, see LICENSE for detail.