A small utility for making gists

pip install mkgist==3.5



A small utility for making gists. When I need to share code snippets online, the formatting always ends up totally messed up when I copy-paste manually. This alleviates that.


With pip

The easiest way to get a copy is through pip3:

pip3 install mkgist

Annoying things happen, at least on my system, without pip3. I'll look into it at some point.


To install dependencies, run pip install -r requirements.txt after installing. I don't use this within a virtual environment, but doing so would look something like this:

virtualenv -p $(which python3) $HOME/virtualenv/mkgist
source $HOME/virtualenv/mkgist/bin/activate


mkgist filenames [-d "description"] [--public] [--raw] [--nocopy]
  • If no filenames are entered, the contents of the gist are read from STDIN.
  • The location of the created gist is printed to stdout.
  • Gists are secret by default, but can be made public with --public. (Secret gists aren't indexed by search engines)
  • --raw returns a link to the raw hosted file, which you can then get with curl or wget. If multiple files are created with this flag, the URLs are always printed to stdout.
  • By default, the URL of the created Gist is copied to the clipboard. --nocopy prints the link to stdout instead, not overwriting the clipboard.