CLI for MavensMate

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pip install mm==0.2.6




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mm is an executable that powers MavensMate IDEs. You can use mm to perform every important task relative to developing on the Salesforce1 platform. For example, to compile a project:

$ mm compile_project

You can also use mm to provide a default UI for tasks like creating a new project, editing a project, running unit tests & anonymous apex, & deploying metadata to servers. Just use the --ui flag:

$ mm new_project --ui

In order to provide context to your operation, pipe json to mm via STDIN. For example:

$ mm compile_project <<< '{ "project_name" : "myproject" }'


mm is a Python 2.7 package that can be installed and run traditionally (via Python) or optionally run as a standalone executable with no dependencies.

As a Standalone Executable

As a Python Package

If you do not have Python 2.7 installed, you'll need to do so:


pip is the best way to install mm. To install pip: Then run:

$ pip install mm

This will create an executable called mm (or mm.exe in Windows).

$ easy_install mm
$ git clone
$ python install

Running mm Commands

In order to run mm commands, it should be located on your path. For Linux/Unix users, this should be fairly straightforward. For Windows users:


$ mm -o new_project -c SUBLIME_TEXT <<< '{"settings":{"mm_workspace":"some/location"}, "project_name" : "mycoolproject", "username":"", "password":"foo", "org_type":"developer", "package": {"ApexClass":"*"}}'
$ mm new_project <<< '{"settings":{"mm_workspace":"some/location"}, "project_name" : "mycoolproject", "username":"", "password":"foo", "org_type":"developer", "package": {"ApexClass":"*"}}'

Command Line Arguments

Argument Description
-o Requested Operation (optional)
-c Plugin client making the request ("Sublime Text" [default], "TextMate", "Notepad++", etc.)
--ui Launch the base UI for the operations

Supported Operations

All supported commands can be found here:

Operations Description
new_project Creates a new project
edit_project Edits contents of a project
upgrade_project Upgrades a project
compile_project Compiles a project
new_metadata Creates new metadata
refresh Refreshes files and/or directories from the server
clean_project Reverts a project to server state based on package.xml
compile Compiles files and/or directories
delete Deletes metadata from the server
get_active_session Retrieves an active session
update_credentials Updates the credentials associated with a project
execute_apex Executes a block of Apex
deploy Deploys metadata to one or more destination orgs
test Runs Apex unit tests
list_metadata Lists metadata of a certain type
index_metadata Indexes project metadata
list_connections List org connections for this project
new_connection Creates a new org connection
delete_connection Deletes an org connection
index_apex_overlays Indexes Apex checkpoints
new_apex_overlay Creates a new Apex checkpoint
delete_apex_overlay Deletes an Apex checkpoint
fetch_logs Fetches most recent Apex debug logs for this user
fetch_checkpoints Fetches most recent Apex checkpoints for this user
new_project_from_existing_directory Creates a new project from an existing directory
open_sfdc_url Opens metadata in Salesforce
index_apex Indexes Apex metadata for a project
update_subscription Updates metadata subscription for a project
new_log Creates a new Apex debug log