A Modular Single-Molecule Analysis Interface.

nanopore, python, signal-processing, single-molecule, time-series
pip install mosaic-nist==2.3


MOSAIC: A modular single-molecule analysis interface

MOSAIC is a single molecule analysis toolbox that automatically decodes multi-state nanopore data. By modeling the nanopore system with an equivalent circuit, MOSAIC leverages the transient response of a molecule entering the channel to quantify pore-molecule interactions. In contrast to existing techniques such as ionic current thresholding or Viterbi decoding, this technique allows the estimation of short-lived transient events that are otherwise not analyzed.

Nanometer-scale pores have demonstrated potential use in biotechnology applications, including DNA sequencing, single-molecule force spectroscopy, and single-molecule mass spectrometry. The data modeling and analysis methods implemented in MOSAIC allow for dramatic improvements in the quantification of molecular interactions with the channel in each of these applications.

If you use MOSAIC in your work, please cite both papers below:

  1. Analytical Chemistry 2016, (88) pp. 11900–11907
  2. ACS Nano 2014, (8) pp. 1547–1553.


Please refer to the Installation section of the MOSAIC documentation for details on installation.


A PDF version of the MOSAIC documentation can be downloaded here.

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