Automation scripts for Mozmill test execution

pip install mozmill-automation==


Mozmill Automation

With the mozmill-automation scripts the automation development team at Mozilla runs UI and integration tests for Firefox.

For more information see our project page for automation related topics.


The scripts can be installed by running the following command:

python develop

This will also install mercurial, mozinstall and mozmill if required.

How to run entry point scripts?

The path to the Firefox binary to be tested should be supplied as an argument to the entry point script. For example, to run the testrun_functional script:

testrun_functional "C:\Program Files (x86)\Firefox Developer Edition\firefox.exe"

There is a --help option available for further information of any of the testrun scripts:

testrun_functional --help


The testrun_addons script executes available Mozmill tests for add-ons, which should usually be hosted at For add-ons not hosted on AMO, you also need to pass in --with-untrusted as an argument.

The testrun_compat_addons script is a special testrun to execute add-on compatibility tests for Firefox, which ensures that major add-ons are still working as expected for a new major release of Firefox.


The testrun_endurance script executes the endurance tests for Firefox, which are long running tests to measure the memory usage and performance of Firefox.


The testrun_functional script executes functional tests for Firefox, which are UI and integration tests, and are necessary for Mozilla QA for signing off from testing a new Firefox release.


The testrun_l10n script executes localization tests for Firefox, which are used to check that localized builds of Firefox are working as expected in terms of accessibility and graphical output.


The testrun_remote script executes remote tests for Firefox, which are similar to the functional tests but make use of remote test cases to prove the functionality against real web sites.


The testrun_update script executes update tests for Firefox, which ensures that an update is always correctly performed for Firefox.

When running update tests, you have the option of providing an update channel. The valid update channels are:

  • nightly
  • nightlytest
  • aurora
  • auroratest
  • beta
  • betatest
  • release
  • releasetest
  • esr
  • esrtest
  • esr[VERSION]-nightly (for example esr24-nightly)