Version 3 of the MUltiScale Coupling Library and Environment

multiscale, coupling, MUSCLE
pip install muscle3==0.7.1



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MUSCLE3 is the third incarnation of the MUSCLE Multiscale Coupling Library and Environment. With MUSCLE3, you can connect multiple simulation models together into a multiscale simulation.

Browse to the MUSCLE3 documentation to get started.


For academic collaboration, please contact prof. Alfons Hoekstra (UvA CSL) and/or Lourens Veen (NLeSC).

Commercial support for MUSCLE3 is provided by Ignition Computing.

MUSCLE3 is Copyright 2018-2022 University of Amsterdam and Netherlands eScience Center, Copyright 2023 Netherlands eScience Center, and Copyright 2022-2023 The ITER Organisation. It is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.


We welcome contributions to MUSCLE3! For small additions or fixes, please submit a pull request, and we'll review your changes and apply them. If you want to add larger features, please make an issue and describe what you want to do, so that we can coordinate and avoid double work. For more details, see the documentation on contributing.

The MUSCLE3 community fosters a welcoming atmosphere, and participation is open to everyone. In order to ensure that it stays that way, we have a code of conduct, and we will enforce it if necessary. Please treat your fellow human beings with respect.