Musubi is a command-line DNSBL checker and MX toolkit.

pip install musubi==0.2


Musubi the DNSBL and MX Toolkit


First, you need to create a virtual environment and activate it.

$ pip install virtualenv
$ virtualenv musubi
$ . musubi/bin/activate

Next, install musubi in the environment.

(musubi)$ pip install musubi


With musubi setup, you can now play with it.

To see a list of commands availble, run:

(musubi)$ musubi --help

Here are some of the commands you can try:

(musubi)$ musubi mx
(musubi)$ musubi ips
(musubi)$ musubi spf
(musubi)$ musubi scan

(musubi)$ musubi scan -f html
(musubi)$ musubi -v --debug scan

To see help for an individual command, include the command name on the command line:

(musubi)$ musubi scan --help


If you pass an IP range in CIDR notation, please understand what you're doing. Each IP in that range will be tested against 70+ DNSBLs which could potentially make thousands of DNS/UDP connections very quickly. Do not try this at home! If you are an ISP or web hosting company, it should not be a problem.

Cleaning Up

Finally, when done, deactivate your virtual environment:

(musubi)$ deactivate