A package manager for MediaWiki

pip install mwman==0.1


mwman - A package manager for MediaWiki

mwman is a python-based package manager for the MediaWiki wiki software.

It strives to automate the installation of extensions, skins and even MediaWiki itself.

Warning: mwman is still in early development and may not be ideal for your production environment needs. Be cautious and have backups!


$ mwman install checkuser $PATH_TO_WIKI # Installs and enables the checkuser extension
$ mwman uninstall checkuser $PATH_TO_WIKI # Removes it again
$ mwman activate/deactivate checkuser $PATH_TO_WIKI # Activate / Deaectivate an extension
$ mwman install-mediawiki master $PATH_TO_WIKI # Installs the master branch of MediaWiki into $PATH_TO_WIKI

Limitations / Issues

  • Real support is only provided for the latest master version
  • No support for sets of packages
  • Many steps of the MediaWiki installation still have to be done manually
  • The extension loader is not a proper extension itself
  • No search feature
  • No support for third-party repositories
  • Only supports git for obtaining packages
  • No support for different versions of packages
  • Very limited metadata information
  • No way to view package details

These may change as the project progresses in maturity.


This software comes without any warranty.

This software is not associated with the MediaWiki development team nor the Wikimedia Foundation.


mwman is free software and licensed under the terms of the MIT License. See LICENSE.