A sphinx extension for including notebook files outside sphinx source root

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pip install nbsphinx-link==1.3.0



A sphinx extension for including notebook files from outside the sphinx source root.

Normally, Sphinx will only allow you to add files that are situated inside the source directory, but you might want to include files from another directory, for example a central 'examples' folder. For RST files these can be linked with include directives inside another RST file. For notebooks, there's nbsphinx-link!


  • Install the package.
  • Add 'nbsphinx_link' to extensions in Sphinx config 'conf.py'
  • Add a file with the '.nblink' extension where you want them included.

The .nblink file is a JSON file with the following structure:

    "path": "relative/path/to/notebook"

Optionally the "extra-media" key can be added, if your notebook includes any media, i.e. images. The value needs to be an array of strings, which are paths to the media files or directories to include. Note that this is not needed if the images are added as attachments to markdown cells.

Further keys might be added in the future.

Note that the documentation of this project might serve as a further resource!