Client bindings for for the NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager (OCUM) REST API.

netapp, nfs, api, http, ocum
pip install netapp-ocum==0.1.7


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NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager (OCUM)

This module is designed to read information from the NetApp OCUM to gather information about your storage infrastructure.

Python3 / Installation

The initial release is targeting support for Python 3. Python 2 support is not planned. To install this module:

$ pip3 install netapp-ocum

# Or to install from source
$ git clone
$ cd python-netapp-ocum
$ python3 install

Getting Started

This repository includes an example scripts directory to help you get started.

Supported OCUM Versions

As of the initial release, functional testing has been done against the following versions of OCUM:

  • 9.3P9

Other versions may work, but have not been tested.

OCUM API Documentation

You can view Swagger API documentation for NetApp OCUM by going to the following URL:

This page lets you test HTTP queries, view available parameters, and return data for the request.


Testing is done with unittest and nose for discovery.

$ make test