Work with ipv4 in NetBox

netbox-plugin, netbox
pip install netbox-ipv4-tools==1.0.4



Work with ipv4 in NetBox. This project includes code from netmask (rewritten in Vanilla Javascript), which is licensed under the MIT license: original license

This plugin offers a place to retrieve

  • A table with the CIDR to netmask conversion, inluding the wildcard bits and the total hosts available per CIDR
  • A tool to convert a CIDR into an IP range including information such the usable host count, the netmask in decimal dotted format and the wildcard bits


The plugin is available as a Python package and can be installed with pip.

Run pip install netbox-ipv4-tools in your virtual env.

Create a file named local_requirements.txt (if not already existing) in the NetBox root directory (alongside requirements.txt) and list the netbox-ipv4-tools package:

# echo netbox-ipv4-tools >> local_requirements.txt

Once installed, the plugin needs to be enabled in your

# In your
PLUGINS = ["netbox_ipv4_tools"]

First run source /opt/netbox/venv/bin/activate to enter the Python virtual environment.

Then run

cd /opt/netbox/netbox
pip3 install netbox-ipv4-tools
python3 collectstatic --no-input


This plugin requires netbox >= 4.0.0


Thanks to rs for the work on netmask
Thanks to mattieserver and his project netbox-topology-view. I used his work to get a working plugin and to publish it to pypi