Netuitive StatsD server

netuitive, netuitive-statsd
pip install netuitive-statsd==0.4.0


Netuitive StatsD Server

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Note: This is already installed as part of the Netuitive Linux Agent package and does not need to be installed separately.

The Netuitive StatsD Server interprets, aggregates, and forwards custom metrics generated from your application to Netuitive. Netuitive StatsD is compatible with the following formats: StatsD, DogStatsD Metrics, DogStatsD Events, and DogStatsD Service Checks. Using the values instrumented from your application's key actions and data (method calls, database queries, etc.), Netuitive aggregates the values, associates them with corresponding metrics, and analyzes them in our analytics cycles.

For more information on the Netuitive StatsD Server, see our help docs, or contact Netuitive support at


  • Python >= 2.7 or >= 3.3
  • See requirements.txt for Python modules
  • Netuitive Linux Agent installed on your machine and setup in Netuitive

Using the Netuitive StatsD Server

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