An extension of the Jupyter Notebook that integrates testing with OK client.

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pip install notebook-ok-extension==0.1.2


OK Extension

Jupyter notebook extension that enables a form-filling mode for limiting the interface and executing tests through the OK Client.

With this extension, most Notebook contents is not editable by default. Click the Edit button to toggle editing, which reverts to the standard Notebook interface.

When Edit is toggled off (default):

  • Shift-enter executes every code cell from the previously executed cell and clears all output from any subsequent cell. If the previously executed cell is below the current cell, then execution begins at the top of the notebook.
  • Cell editing is modeless; cells can be edited, but there is no command mode.
  • A scratch cell is available in a separate sandboxed environment.
  • The Run Tests button executes the ok client on the notebook contents.


Install via pip.

pip install notebook-ok-extension

Separately, install a version of okpy via pip.

pip install okpy