Make available the field company in the address form

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Odoo REST APIs for e-commerce.

Available addons

addon version maintainers summary
sale_cart Uee Sale Orders as cart.
shopinvader_address Shopinvader Address: Delivery,Invoicing
shopinvader_anonymous_partner Manage anonymous partners with a cookie.
shopinvader_api_address Adds a service to manage shopinvader invoicing and delivery address
shopinvader_api_cart Cart FastAPI designed to work with the shopinvader-js-cart library see (https://github.com/shopinvader/shopinvader-js-cart)
shopinvader_api_sale Sale FastApi for exposing sale order
shopinvader_api_sale_loyalty FastAPI services to add coupons and loyalties to carts.
shopinvader_api_security_sale Add security rule to expose sale order
shopinvader_api_signin_jwt This module adds a signin service with jwt token.
shopinvader_api_wishlist Handle shop wishlist
shopinvader_base_url keep history of url for products & categories
shopinvader_delivery_state Shopinvader delivery state
shopinvader_es_product_categ Add the hierarchicalCategories field in the product index required for faceting
shopinvader_fastapi_auth_jwt Provide JWT and Anonymous Partner authentication to FastAPI routes.
shopinvader_filtered_model Helper for exposing model easily
shopinvader_multi_category Shopinvader Many Categories
shopinvader_product Adds shopinvader product fields and schemas
shopinvader_product_attribute_set Expose all PIM' Attribute sets with Shopinvader
shopinvader_product_brand Shopinvader product Brand
shopinvader_product_brand_tag Index Product Brand Tags in Shopinvader
shopinvader_product_description Description fields for Shopinvader
shopinvader_product_sale_packaging Shopinvader Product Sale Packaging
shopinvader_product_seo SEO fields for Shopinvader
shopinvader_product_url Generate url for product and category
shopinvader_restapi Shopinvader
shopinvader_restapi_auth_jwt Find shopinvader backend and partner from JWT token
shopinvader_restapi_invoice Shopinvader Restapi Invoice module
shopinvader_restapi_sale_packaging Shopinvader Restapi Sale Packaging
shopinvader_sale_cart ShopInvader logic for sale carts.
shopinvader_sale_state Basic module to implement state for sale order
shopinvader_schema_address Adds shchema address: address invoicing_address delivery_address
shopinvader_schema_sale Add schema sale
shopinvader_schema_sale_state Shopinvader Schema Sale State
shopinvader_search_engine Shopinvader Catalog Search Engine Connector
shopinvader_search_engine_assortment Shopinvader Search Engine Assortment
shopinvader_search_engine_image Add the export of Image for Shopinvader
shopinvader_search_engine_product_brand Shopinvader Search Engine Product Brand
shopinvader_search_engine_product_brand_image Shopinvader Search Engine product Brand Image
shopinvader_search_engine_product_media Index storage media data into search engine
shopinvader_search_engine_product_seo This module allows to configure a seo title suffix on se backends
shopinvader_search_engine_product_stock This module is used to export stock data to search engine
shopinvader_search_engine_product_stock_state This module is used to choose a stock state during theexport t search engine
shopinvader_search_engine_product_template_multi_link Shopinvader Product Link
shopinvader_search_engine_update Shopinvader: Mark product binding to export on product update
shopinvader_search_engine_update_image Shopinvader: Mark products linked to an image to be updated when the image change
shopinvader_search_engine_update_product_brand Shopinvader: Mark brand and product bindings to export on product brand update
shopinvader_search_engine_update_product_brand_image Mark brand and product bindings to export on product image brand update
shopinvader_search_engine_update_product_brand_tag Mark brand and product bindings to export on product image tag update
shopinvader_search_engine_update_product_media Shopinvader: Mark products linked to a media to be updated when the media change
shopinvader_search_engine_update_product_template_multi_link Mark bindings to recompute when a link is added, deleted or modified

Unported addons

addon version maintainers summary
partner_contact_company (unported) Partner Company
product_online_category (unported) Product categories dedicated to online shop
shopinvader (unported) Shopinvader
shopinvader_algolia (unported) Shopinvader Algolia Connector
shopinvader_auth_api_key (unported) Shopinvader API_KEY Authentication
shopinvader_backend_image_proxy (unported) Add possibility to replace the image URL by the proxy url set on the SE backend
shopinvader_cart_expiry (unported) Shopinvader module to manage an expiry delay on cart
shopinvader_category_image_for_product (unported) Shopinvader Display category image for product
shopinvader_contact_address_default (unported) ivantodorovich Integrates partner_contact_address_default with Shopinvader
shopinvader_contact_company (unported) Make available the field company in the address form
shopinvader_customer_activity (unported) ivantodorovich Log the customer's shop activity
shopinvader_customer_invoicing_mode (unported) Glue module to expose the invoicing_mode field to shopinvader
shopinvader_customer_multi_user (unported) Enable registration of multiple users per each company customer.
shopinvader_customer_multi_user_company_group (unported) Share shopinvader records within the Company Group
shopinvader_customer_multi_user_validate (unported) Glue module for shopinvader_customer_validate and shopinvader_customer_multi_user.
shopinvader_customer_multi_user_wishlist (unported) Integrate customer multi user and wishlist.
shopinvader_customer_price (unported) Expose customer's specific prices.
shopinvader_customer_price_wishlist (unported) Expose customer's specific prices.
shopinvader_customer_validate (unported) Provide configuration and machinery to validate customers.
shopinvader_delivery_carrier (unported) Carrier integration for Shopinvader
shopinvader_delivery_instruction (unported) Shopinvader addons to let user define delivery instructions
shopinvader_demo_app (unported) Shopinvader Demo App
shopinvader_easy_binding (unported) ivantodorovich Easily manage Shopinvader bindings for your company backend.
shopinvader_elasticsearch (unported) Shopinvader Elasticsearch Connector
shopinvader_guest_mode (unported) Guest mode for Shopinvader
shopinvader_import_image (unported) Import product images
shopinvader_lead (unported) Shopinvader Lead Management
shopinvader_locomotive (unported) Manage communications between Shopinvader and Locomotive CMS
shopinvader_locomotive_algolia (unported) This addons is used to push the initial algolia configuration to locomotive
shopinvader_locomotive_contact_company (unported) Synchronize the contact_name with customer name
shopinvader_locomotive_elasticsearch (unported) This addons is used to push the initial elasticsearch configuration to locomotive
shopinvader_locomotive_guest_mode (unported) Shopinvader guest mode for locomotive
shopinvader_locomotive_reset_password (unported) Give the possibility to send a email to reset thepassword from odoo
shopinvader_locomotive_sale_profile (unported) Synchronize the sale profile info to customer record on Locomotive
shopinvader_locomotive_wishlist (unported) Synchronize wishlist details to Locomotive users record.
shopinvader_membership (unported) Shopinvader Membership module
shopinvader_multi_cart (unported) Manage multiple carts in Shopinvader
shopinvader_notification_default (unported) Provide default notification templates for Shopinvader suite.
shopinvader_partner_firstname (unported) Shopinvader Customer firstname/lastname
shopinvader_partner_vat (unported) Shopinvader Check VAT with invader environnement
shopinvader_pending_cart_reminder (unported) Shopinvader module to relaunch the customer when the cart/sale is not confirmed yet. Configure the delay and the email template on the backend.
shopinvader_portal_mode (unported) Shopinvader portal mode
shopinvader_pos (unported) Shopinvader for PoS
shopinvader_price_per_qty (unported) Shopinvader price per quantity
shopinvader_product_manufactured_for (unported) Manage Product Made Specially For Some Customers
shopinvader_product_new (unported) Shopinvader product new
shopinvader_product_order (unported) Manage product display order on Shopinvader
shopinvader_product_price_tax (unported) Exposes product prices with and without taxes
shopinvader_product_stock_assortment (unported) This module is used to let the Shopinvader product assortment use the stock context in Shopinvader product stock.
shopinvader_product_stock_forecast (unported) ivantodorovich Export Stock Forecast data along with product stocks.
shopinvader_product_stock_forecast_expiry (unported) ivantodorovich Integrates product lot expiration into the forecast
shopinvader_product_template_multi_link_date_span (unported) Integrate product_template_multi_link_date_span in Shopinvader
shopinvader_product_template_tags (unported) Index Product Template Tags in Shopinvader
shopinvader_product_variant_multi_link (unported) Integrate product_variant_multi_link with Shopinvader
shopinvader_product_variant_selector (unported) Ease creation of variants selector on shopinvader sites
shopinvader_product_video_link (unported) Add video on your Shopinvader website
shopinvader_promotion_rule (unported) Module to manage Promotion Rule with shopinvader
shopinvader_quotation (unported) Shopinvader Quotation
shopinvader_sale_amount_by_group (unported) Expose the amount by tax to shopinvader
shopinvader_sale_automatic_workflow (unported) ivantodorovich Use sale automatic workflows for Shopinvader orders
shopinvader_sale_communication (unported) This module adds information fields for customers and vendors.
shopinvader_sale_coupon (unported) Manage Promotion and Coupon programs in Shopinvader
shopinvader_sale_packaging_wishlist (unported) Add packaging information to wishlists
shopinvader_sale_profile (unported) ShopInvader - Sale profile
shopinvader_sale_report (unported) Shopinvader addons to extend sale report with backend
shopinvader_wishlist (unported) Handle shop wishlist


This repository is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

However, each module can have a totally different license, as long as they adhere to Shopinvader policy. Consult each module's __manifest__.py file, which contains a license key that explains its license.