Account Loan management

accounting, erp, hacktoberfest, odoo, python
pip install odoo11-addon-account-loan==


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Available addons

addon version maintainers summary
account_account_tag_code Add a code field to the accounts tags
account_asset_batch_compute Add the possibility to compute assets in batch
account_asset_management Assets Management
account_cash_deposit Manage cash deposits and cash orders
account_chart_update Wizard to update a company's account chart from a template
account_chart_update_l10n_eu_oss_oca LoisRForgeFlow Account Chart update OSS OCA
account_fiscal_month Provide a fiscal month date range type
account_fiscal_position_vat_check Check VAT on invoice validation
account_fiscal_year eLBati Create Account Fiscal Year
account_fiscal_year_auto_create legalsylvain Automatically create new fiscal years, based on the datas of the last fiscal years
account_invoice_constraint_chronology Account Invoice Constraint Chronology
account_journal_general_sequence yajo Add configurable sequence to account moves, per journal
account_journal_lock_date Lock each journal independently
account_journal_restrict_mode Lock All Posted Entries of Journals.
account_loan etobella Account Loan management
account_lock_date_update Allow an Account adviser to update locking date without having access to all technical settings
account_move_budget Create Accounting Budgets
account_move_fiscal_month Display the fiscal month on journal entries/item
account_move_fiscal_year Display the fiscal year on journal entries/item
account_move_line_check_number ps-tubtim Add the check number in the journal items
account_move_line_purchase_info Introduces the purchase order line to the journal items
account_move_line_repair_info Introduces the repair order to the journal items
account_move_line_sale_info Introduces the purchase order line to the journal items
account_move_line_tax_editable Allows to edit taxes on non-posted account move lines
account_move_name_sequence alexis-via moylop260 luisg123v Generate journal entry number from sequence
account_move_post_date_user JordiMForgeFlow Trace journal entry posting date and user.
account_move_print JordiBForgeFlow Adds the option to print Journal Entries
account_move_template Templates for recurring Journal Entries
account_netting Compensate AR/AP accounts from the same partner
account_partner_required alexis-via Adds an option 'partner policy' on accounts
account_spread_cost_revenue Spread costs and revenues over a custom period
account_template_active legalsylvain Allow to disable / enable account template items (tax, fiscal position, account)
account_usability legalsylvain Adds missing menu entries for Account module and adds the option to enable Saxon Accounting
base_vat_optional_vies Optional validation of VAT via VIES


This repository is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

However, each module can have a totally different license, as long as they adhere to Odoo Community Association (OCA) policy. Consult each module's file, which contains a license key that explains its license.

OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.