Base module for Universal Business Language (UBL)

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Electronic Data Interchange modules

Available addons

addon version maintainers summary
account_einvoice_generate alexis-via Technical module to generate PDF invoices with embedded XML file
account_invoice_download alexis-via Auto-download supplier invoices and import them
account_invoice_download_ovh alexis-via Get OVH Invoice via the API
account_invoice_download_scaleway alexis-via Get Scaleway Invoices via the API
account_invoice_export Account Invoice Export
account_invoice_export_server_env Server environment for Account Invoice Export
account_invoice_facturx alexis-via Generate Factur-X/ZUGFeRD customer invoices
account_invoice_facturx_py3o alexis-via Generate Factur-X invoices with Py3o reporting engine
account_invoice_import alexis-via Import supplier invoices/refunds as PDF or XML files
account_invoice_import_facturx alexis-via Import Factur-X/ZUGFeRD supplier invoices/refunds
account_invoice_import_invoice2data alexis-via bosd Import supplier invoices using the invoice2data lib
account_invoice_import_simple_pdf alexis-via Import simple PDF vendor bills
account_invoice_import_ubl Import UBL XML supplier invoices/refunds
account_invoice_ubl Generate UBL XML file for customer invoices/refunds
account_invoice_ubl_email_attachment Automatically adds the UBL file to the email.
account_invoice_ubl_peppol Generate invoices in PEPPOL 3.0 BIS dialect
base_business_document_import alexis-via Provides technical tools to import sale orders or supplier invoices
base_business_document_import_phone alexis-via Use phone numbers to match partners upon import of business documents
base_ebill_payment_contract TDu Base for managing e-billing contracts
base_edi simahawk Base module to aggregate EDI features.
base_facturx alexis-via Base module for Factur-X/ZUGFeRD
base_ubl Base module for Universal Business Language (UBL)
base_ubl_payment Payment-related code for Universal Business Language (UBL)
edi_account_invoice_import LoisRForgeFlow Plug account_invoice_import into EDI machinery.
edi_account_oca Define EDI Configuration for Account Moves
edi_backend_partner_oca LoisRForgeFlow add the a partner field in EDI backend
edi_endpoint_oca Base module allowing configuration of custom endpoints for EDI framework.
edi_exchange_template_oca simahawk Allows definition of exchanges via templates.
edi_exchange_template_party_data simahawk Glue module betweeb edi_exchange_template and edi_party_data
edi_oca simahawk etobella Define backends, exchange types, exchange records, basic automation and views for handling EDI exchanges.
edi_party_data_oca simahawk Allow to configure and retrieve party information for EDI exchanges.
edi_pdf2data_oca etobella Module that allows to import data from a pdf
edi_purchase_oca Define EDI Configuration for Purchase Orders
edi_sale_order_import simahawk Plug sale_order_import into EDI machinery.
edi_sale_order_import_ubl simahawk Plug sale_order_import_ubl into EDI machinery.
edi_sale_order_import_ubl_endpoint simahawk Provide a default endpoint to import SO in UBL format.
edi_stock_oca Define EDI Configuration for Stock
edi_storage_oca Base module to allow exchanging files via storage backend (eg: SFTP).
edi_ubl_oca simahawk Define EDI backend type for UBL.
edi_voxel_oca Base module for connecting with Voxel
edi_webservice_oca etobella simahawk Defines webservice integration from EDI Exchange records
edi_xml_oca simahawk Base module for EDI exchange using XML files.
partner_identification_import Provides partner matching on extra ID
pdf_helper simahawk alexis-via Provides helpers to work w/ PDFs
product_import Import product catalogues
product_import_ubl Import UBL XML catalogue files
purchase_order_ubl Embed UBL XML file inside the PDF purchase order
purchase_order_ubl_py3o alexis-via Generate UBL purchase orders with Py3o reporting engine
purchase_stock_ubl Glue module for Purchase Order UBL and Stock/Inventory
sale_order_customer_free_ref Splits the Customer Reference on sale orders into two fields. An Id and a Free reference. The existing field is transformed into a computed one.
sale_order_import Import RFQ or sale orders from files
sale_order_import_ubl Import UBL XML sale order files
sale_order_import_ubl_customer_free_ref Extract CustomerReference from sale UBL
sale_order_import_ubl_line_customer_ref Extract specific customer reference for each order line
sale_order_packaging_import Import the packaging on the sale order line
sale_order_ubl Embed UBL XML file inside the PDF quotation


This repository is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

However, each module can have a totally different license, as long as they adhere to Odoo Community Association (OCA) policy. Consult each module's __manifest__.py file, which contains a license key that explains its license.

OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.